Power of Compounding and Options Trading

Power of Compounding and Options Trading can give your investments explosive growth

The power of compounding is your best friend when it comes to growing wealth. In very simple terms, a sum of money even when invested at a moderate rate of interest, compounding regularly, can grow to a huge corpus in a relatively short period of time.Albert Einstein, arguably one of the most intelligent men to […]

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Why simple options trading strategies are better than complex ones?

Keep it Simple - Options Trading Strategies for Regular Income

When it comes to options trading, KISS or Keep It Simple, Silly! is the mantra for success. Simple options trading strategies are more profitable in the short, medium or long run! Time and again, I have seen it with myself and fellow professional options traders.You are more likely to make steady and sustainable profits by […]

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How to profit in the stock market without predicting market direction?

Earn in Stock Markets without Predicting Market Direction

For people seeking to be financially free, stock markets represent the ultimate frontier. One can open a trading account in a matter of minutes and start trading with very little capital. The thought of hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit rolling in as you laze around a sun kissed tropical beach is indeed, very […]

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Rental Income with Covered Calls

Covered Calls - Earn Rent from Stocks

If you invest in a rental unit, what will be your first concern? For most people, it will be how soon it can be put out to rent and how much rent will I get out of it? After all, everyone likes a passive income. Ask any rental unit owner, how much she likes the […]

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