Visualize your Options Positions Payoff in Seconds

with the Ultimate Options Visualizer

Options Trading Payoff Profile Visualizer
  •  Input up to 10 call and put positions
  •  Input up to 10 stock/futures positions
  •  Easily change positions and see the impact on the overall payoff
  •  Simply enter particular points to calculate exact payoff
  •  Know your booked profit or loss in an instant

The Ultimate Options Visualizer can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Imagine being able to enter up to 10 calls, puts and stocks/futures positions. Imagine being able to easily change positions and see the impact on overall payoff profile in seconds. Imagine the power of simply entering a price level to know the exact payoff profile. Imagine the flexibility that you get by knowing how much profit or loss you have booked, instantaneously...

All this is now possible with the Ultimate Options Visualizer!

The Ultimate Options Visualizer will help you leverage your Options Trading business. It will ensure that you clearly understand your options positions. With the Ultimate Options Visualizer, you can take decisions quickly and ensure that you are up to speed with any change in the underlying market.

Ultimate Options Visualizer Snapshot

A snapshot of the Ultimate Options Visualizer

Just enter the price, quantity and strike prices in the cells shaded yellow. The visualizer will immediately display your overall payoff profile. If you change the position midway, you just need to update the intermediate section to see the impact on your overall payoff profile. If you book certain position, you can instantaneously see your booked profit or loss in the Gain/Loss section. You can calculate the exact payoff at up to 4 points by just entering them.

The Ultimate Options Visualizer comes with a training module that will show you, step-by-step, how to use the power of the visualizer. All this for $19 only! So decide now and put your Options Trading business in top gear.

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